Vehical Tracking

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.
vehicle tracking

TrackOnU Tracking Platform is a comprehensive web application which is equipped with the features from Monitoring to Maintenance , and just about everything your car or fleet needs.

  • Accessible from any internet enabled device
  • Integration with Google Enterprise maps
  • Live tracking with replay of historic tracks
  • Fleet Management
  • Client specific customization
  • Integration with ERP & SCM
  • Hardware and Platform Agnostic
  • Trip Management
  • Geo-fencing entry exit alerts
  • Personalized landmarks
  • SMS/email alerts for events like overspeeding, ignition
  • Scheduled Reports
  • User-defined and downloadable reports
  • User Management with different usage rights

A feature-rich Web based application compatiable with all major browsers is available for Managers and Administrators to centrally control all the operations. Few important features of the portal :

  • Compact & Certified GPS Tracker can be hidden in vehicle
  • Internal GPS & GSM Antennas
  • Relay Circuit to control vehicle ignition in emergency
  • Monitoring of Ignition Status, Speed, Towing, Idling, Geo Fence
  • Storage of tracking data in areas with no GSM coverage
  • PIN protected SIM Card to prevent misuse
  • Device Firmware optimized for Indian operating conditions