Barcode Identification

We have close monitored the Retail sector to propose our streamlined RFID solutions to cater the needs of this sector. Our solutions in retail range from Item level tagging to access control applications. Our item level RFID solutions help deliver impressive results for retailers. And RFID helps keep data more accurate by seamless capture of its movement within the store using Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Technology, and can provide alerts to ensure that goods are always on the shelf when customers want to buy them. One of the added features of our solution is that, the retail shop owners can maintain a check on their best selling items.

Item level RFID can be used to improve product availability and client servicing. And it will help the organization’s staff to find appropriate items quickly and easily perform regular inventory counts. This in turn helps the retailers to have a competitive advantage over others, and if the retailer continues to invest in RFID and innovate he will be able to stay-a-step ahead of his competitors in ROI.