RFID in Education

The Education sector is always on the look out for infrastructure, as it is time we have arrived with some RFID solutions to cater to the needs of this vertical. Our solution for RFID in education vertical helps in presenting the best technology to the student community and makes presence as a self sustainable one that suits this sector.

Education sector projected as being one of the important in terms of contribution to the society needs to be equipped with the latest technologies that best serves its purpose. Keeping in mind the above statement we have proposed the RFID solutions that are tailor made to meet the standards of the education sector.

As we speak about solutions in RFID for education sector, we have invented a new concept model cum application software known as 4rSchool that stands for Read | Record | Report | Real Time. This application provides a platform for parents and school authority to have a real time monitoring of their students, and the students activity logs will be accessed via database for individual report generation.

This solution keeps both the school authority and parents well informed about the activities of their children. And our solutions will be customized to meet the requirements as per the school authority.