Challenges – Supervisor

  • Attendance of Security Guards at Sites
  • Capture Appearance of Security Guards as bad appearance affects brand value of Security Company adversely
  • Patrolling Areas Covered

Challenges – Field Staff

  • Report assault in real time so that backup emergency services can be rushed to site
  • Capture evidence of wrong doing and report to Management of Site
TrackOnU helps Security Services both Private as well as Police in finding the real time location of Field Guards and effective allocation of work based on proximity of area. Sites can be Geo Fenced and attendance of Security Guard can be monitored by capturing the Entry – Exit time along with duration. Beat Patrolling Guards can visit each site and capture Geo-tagged evidence of dressing and looks of guards so that it is as per promised standards. In case of emergency, Guards can press SOS on App so that additional force can be brought in time. Historic Track Replay can help in identifying the black zones where patrolling has not happened and there is likely possibility of increase in crime rate in such areas.