Challenges – Supervisor

  • Due to lack of transparency and lethargy in execution, Government / Municipal Corporation are at receiving end
  • Inefficiency in performance of few people adversely affects the organization
  • Contractors produce fake completion certificates / material purchase & delivery bills which the situation on ground is exactly opposite
  • Attendance and performance of people spread across wider geographical area

Challenges – Field Staff

  • Citizens are fed up with Corruption and lack of Accountability in Government Staff
  • Genuine Contractors face payment delays even if the progress is satisfactory on field
  • Bureaucracy and Red Tapism is making life difficult as there is no tool available using which Citizens can voice their concerns
TrackOnU helps Government Departments / Municipal Corporations / NGOs in bringing in a culture of accountable governance, free of corruption, prompt in solving complaints raised by Citizens. Important Officials, Contractors, Media, Citizens Groups can be given TrackOnU app to report any problem on field like bad roads, pot holes, power outage, water scarcity, water wastage, flooding, traffic jams, security threat, encroachment, illegal construction with parameters like digital complaint form, location of incident, image proof, date and time stamp. A ticket can be generated and forwarded to the relevant department along with estimated time required to solve the complaint and an escalation matrix to ensure accountable and time bound performance. Contractors can be made to upload geo tagged photographs every day regarding progress of work like road repairs, garbage collection, water supply by tanker or infrastructure development. Technology can be the platform were Citizens and Government can partner for smooth delivery of services and complaint redressal system. Government / NGO Staff working in remote areas can be tracked for their attendance and efficiency of work done using the App thereby plugging lot of revenue leakages.