Challenges – Supervisor

  • Difficult to keep Government / Private Client updated about progress of project with authentic visual data
  • Attendance of Field Engineer operating in remote locations
  • Revenue leakages due to lack of technology equipped monitoring

Challenges – Field Staff

  • Reporting an emergency at site with its magnitude a challenge
  • Manual paper based progress sheet difficult to maintain and consumes time
TrackOnU helps Infrastructure Companies monitor progress of work at site using time stamped, real time, geo tagged data. Image Memo when clicked on regular basis act as an accountable proof about the efficiency of work on field and likely timeline for completion of project. Also Picture Memos can be captured for all items purchased at the site so that effective reconciliation of bills can happen. Key Employees responsible for safety and progress of project can be tracked for presence on site along with their Entry – Exit Time which helps in computing attendance automatically. Site Supervisors can fill daily progress / consumption sheet on digital forms instead of paper ones resulting in faster back ordering and expense consolidation. In case of emergency, on pressing the SOS on App, multiple people can get SMS / Email Alert along with location of incident.